Concerts and audiovisual performances



2016 - First edition

Taking place at the heart of the « Périgord Noir », this festival is an invitation to unlikely and astounding journeys through sound art, music and screenings.

Trough this event, Sonosphère aims at allowing the public to discover highly acclaimed figures of visual and sound art; the program will include very subtle artistic worlds that are rarely seen in this region, or even in France. These peculiar musicians, filmmakers and artists will bring the wealth of their talent to this beautiful valley.


Saint-Sacerdos cathedral, Sarlat Saint-Caprais church, Carsac La Ligne Bleue art gallery, Carsac


1 day 12€/10€

Pass 2 days 20€

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Drink and food on site

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tel: +33 (0) 6 77 95 39 35


-Les Délices de la Vallée

-Vin Blanc Rouge, Les Eyzies